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Slide Night

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Slide Night

What would you do with a roll of slide film?

Slide Night is an experimental project that showcases 3 slides each by 7 invited artists within a slide night format.

Much like traditional slide nights, Slide Night is full of interruptions and informal discussions from audience members. Slide Night audience members are invited to critically engage with slide content and artist ideas. Through the ensuing photographic conversations, we aim to foster discussions to form new dialogues on photography.

Our inaugural Slide Night was held at Rae & Bennett in July 2013. This was followed by subsequent slide nights at West Space, Strange Neighbour, Photography Studies College and the Centre for Contemporary Photography in 2013 and 2014. Slide Night occurs every couple of months or so at different venues in Melbourne.

Slide Night intends to:

  • Be an ongoing event that uses the 35mm projector within a slide night format to connect artists and photographers in the artistic community.
  • Facilitate audience dialogue and discussion by showcasing slides from invited practitioners that are from differing career stages and methodologies.
  • Be outward looking and engage with broader dialogues on contemporary photography locally and internationally.

Featuring slides by: Kitty Howard, David-Ashley Kerr, Katrin Koennig, Sarah Pannell, Jacob Raupach, and Nick Umek.
Slide Night is a free event but places are limited. Please RSVP


Slide Night is initiated and facilitated by artists Ross Coulter, Clare Rae and Kate Robertson.



Wednesday 18th February
6:45 for a 7pm start.


VCA Art Auditorium,
School of Art,
Gate 4
Dodds Street

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