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Photography Award

Photography Award

© Alnis Stakle

Photography Award

© Olivia Mroz

Photography Award

© Alexandra Serrano

Photography Award

Jan Duefelsiek

We’re humbled and delighted by the positive response this photography award created.
We have received over 700 images to this year’s competition from all over the world and have chosen 30 finalists to exhibit. A big thank you to each and every one of you who has entered and who has supported this very first Photobook Melbourne photographic award. We are excited to be starting a collection and are looking forward to sharing the winner with you on the opening night – Friday 13 February 6pm.

Our fabulous judges for this year:
Angel Luis Gonzalez – PhotoIreland
Steve Bisson – Urbanautica
Jérôme Montagne & Alexis Vasilikos – Phases Magazine
Gianpaolo Arena – Landscape Stories
Peggy Sue Amison – Creative Director of East Wing
Zhenia Sveshinsky – Independant Curator, Image Matter, Unseen Book Market
Andy Adams – FlakPhoto
Awoiska van der Molen – Artist
Lars Boering – Managing Director of World Press Photo
Heidi Romano – Festival Director.


Alexandra Serrano
Alnis Stakle
Anaïs Boudot
Atsushi Fujiwara
Bärbel Praun
Camilo Fuentealba
Cassandra Tzortzoglou
Claire A. Warden
CY Frankel
Dagmar Kolatschny
Danila Tkachenko
Jan Düfelsiek
Eiffel Chong
Sean McDonald
Fabrizio Albertini
Federico Clavarino
Goseong Choi
Jasmine Poulton
Jonny Briggs
Juan Aballe
Kai Caemmerer
Kyler Zeleny
Lindsay Varvari
Martin Brink
Mahesh Shantaram
Natalie Krick
Olivia Mroz
Shane Lynam
Simone Rosenbauer
Sinziana Velicescu

Friday 13 Feb 2015
6 – 8pm

The Baron Said

13 – 22 February 2015
83 Kerr Street

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