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2016 Photo Award

#memory_archive exhibition

2016 Photo Award

© Kumi Oguro

2016 Photo Award

@ Amanda Williams

2016 Photo Award

@ Coby Baker

2016 Photo Award

@ Koji Makino

2016 Photo Award

@ Simone Darcy

2016 Photo Award

@ Sophie Gabrielle

4 – 20 February 2016

What is a memory? It can be a treasured souvenir. It can also be an invented, or entirely distorted recollection of an experience. Memory lies somewhere in-between truth and fiction. #memory_archive is global exchange project and exhibition, featuring all 193 submissions for the 2016 Photobook Melbourne Photo Award. #memory_archive is an in-depth reflection on personal, local & global events in 2015 as experienced by photographers from Australia and around the world.

Visitors to the gallery are encouraged to participate in the ebb and flow of its curation. Rearrange the images, lay some out on the tables and add new ones in a way that makes sense to you. The exhibition is designed to be interactive and give visitors the opportunity for a curatorial experience.

Allow some time to grab a coffee from the cafe downstairs and look through some of the Asia-Pacific Photobook Archive books on display at the exhibition. The space offers a lovely, quiet, light-filled sanctuary to enjoy some contemporary photography.

#memory_archive is the first in our series of wonderful events, discussions and experiments planned for 2016. Photobook Melbourne, an artist-run, not for profit organization is dedicated to creating a platform for experimental and innovative artistic photography and book making practices.

Photobook Melbourne is supported by: City of Melbourne, Creative Spaces, Momento Pro and Photography Studies College (Melbourne).


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