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Jo Scicluna

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Jo Scicluna
Jo Scicluna
Jo Scicluna
Jo Scicluna

Artist Statement

I have always been dissatisfied with photography’s inextricable link with the past. My interest in photography is not motivated by the accumulation of documents, but rather in the medium’s intrinsic and ongoing relationship to phenomena.

The photographic image is but one pliable component of my spatial practice: an object whose material condition holds much conceptual potential. The relationship between the photograph, the sculptural act and the exhibiting context is an active process. I aim to implicate these elements into the language of landscape and explore the conceptual and phenomenological scope of this relationship.

The compulsion to explore, record and manipulate landscapes is primarily informed by autobiographical motivations and my perspective as a first-generation migrant. My photo-sculptural practice has become a means of place making and engaging landscape as an ongoing, surrogate portrait, charting my search for home as the eternal ‘elsewhere’.


Jo. Scicluna is a Melbourne-based artist. She has exhibited locally and internationally. Scicluna exhibits within various realms: the gallery and public contexts [formal and otherwise]. She works with photography, video, sculpture and installation. She uses these media as pliable components of a spatial practice, along with a series of processes and events to explore, magnify and reveal the subtle historical and elemental mechanisms of place.

Scicluna also investigates the transposition of ‘photographic’ principles into other media, materials or spatial outcomes. This process is often informed by site-specific language and is seen as another means to translate place.

Jo is the co-founder and coordinator of the ‘practice-led’ exhibiting space called ‘The Other Side’ situated at Paul Morgan Architect’s Design Studio in Melbourne. The primary aim of the space is to establish an art and architecture dialogue and a forum for the exchange of ideas concerning spatial and site responsive practice.

Scicluna’s art practice strongly informs her teaching practice across art and design. She has lectured extensively in studio practice, photographic discourse, public art, professional [fine art] development, art history, and many design studio projects in interior and landscape architecture. She has also been invited to discuss her practice and the principles informing her work within the gallery, university and TAFE sectors locally and internationally.


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