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Glenn Sloggett
Glenn Sloggett
Glenn Sloggett
Glenn Sloggett
Glenn Sloggett
Glenn Sloggett

Fibro Dreams – Book launch

Book launch and exhibition by the prince of suburban goth, opening Friday February 13, 6 -9pm.

Our favorite photographer of the used, the lonely, the decaying, the grimy, the left behind, and the down and out of Australian suburbia, is back at Strange Neighbour for the launch of his first book during his 20 year career.

Proudly supported by Monash Gallery of Art and in association with Photobook Melbourne.

Glenn is the real deal, and he doesn’t do anything half arsed. He does not document his subjects coldly from a distance; he photographs what is familiar and attractive to him, and does so with a great depth of feeling. Glenn wears his heart on his sleeve. This is evident in his imagery, which can be heartbreakingly sad, darkly humorous, startlingly thought provoking, poetic, desperate, kitsch. Glenn feels ‘at home’ with his subjects, he empathizes with and understands them.

One could hold a mirror to his photographs and see Glenn reflected. This couldn’t be more apparent than in his first book, ‘Fibro Dreams’. The 43 square colour images in the book (the number is symbolic of course) span an 20-year period. So carefully and painstakingly put together with an incredible amount of love, pain and dedication, this publication is like no other. Having teamed up with accomplished Polish designer Ania Nalecka of Tapir Books and team member of Sputnik Photos, this book is a real treat. Considering the polar opposite backgrounds of these individuals, one can imagine the long thread of email conversations that have taken place in the process of getting to know each other so well as to produce a book that is 100% Glenn. Apart from the striking photographs, it has an array of ‘extras’, which make it unique and special. From Glenn’s beautifully hand written text, the torn and stuck back together book pages, loose inserted junkie love poems found whilst mopping the convenience shop floor, and much more (I can’t give it all away)…they just don’t make them (books or artists) like this anymore.

Glenn couldn’t give a shit about what most people think of his work; he only cares to win the hearts of those who already understand, this is who he makes work for.

– Linsey Gosper, 2015


Friday 13 Feb 2015

Strange Neighbour

395 – 397 Gore Street

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Wednesday to Saturday 11-6pm

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