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Collecting Photography


Collecting Photography

© Pat Brassington. Image courtesy of Stills Gallery

Collecting Photography

© Trent Parke. Image courtesy of Stills Gallery

Collecting Photography

Pippa working at the Venice Biennale last year

Collecting Photography

© Hoda Afshar

Join us for a panel discussion on collecting photography. This panel of experts, artists, and curators will take a closer look at how we can make the collecting of photography more accessible? What is the value of fine art photography? What does it take for young artists to get noticed by a collector? How do you manage a collector/artist relationship? What can we do to further the sustainability of emerging artists? How are collections formed? Who owns them? How can we encourage art collectors to start purchasing photography?
We don’t say we have all of the answers, but we believe it is time to begin a discussion.

On the panel we have:
Bronwyn Rennex – Stills Gallery Director
Hoda Afshar – artist and academic
Pippa Milne – curator and academic
Milton & Penny Harris – photography collector.


Entry is free but seats are limited. Book Now 


Monday 16 February


Photography Studies College

65 City Road
Southbank VIC 3006

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